Mandalas Pattern #1 Custom Yoga Mat

Backside Finish

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It’s easier to relax in a pleasant environment, so treat yourself to a yoga mat you’ll love exercising on. High quality custom prints Personalize your yoga mat with soothing colors or an inspiring print to help you stay centered during your routine. Shop for best yoga mat for you at great prices. Choose your passion Yoga collection from our unique design.  This Yoga Mat Made Only for Yoga Lovers!

Backside Finish Green
Sizes 72x24 inch
Thickness 0.45cm (3/16 inch)
Material The yoga mat is made from Eco-PVC and is latex/silicone/phthalate free, with proven non-toxic, UV ink paints. The yoga mat bag is made of recycled plastic. Comes with a green-colored non-slip backside.
Packaging Packaged in a tube.
Shipping Cost Free
Est. Domestic Arrival  7-14 Days
Est. International Arrival 14-21 Days

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